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    Upcoming Events

    3/7/20- House Of Blues Houston- LadyPalooza- Tribute Night
    Houston, Texas -  Alaniz & Nightbird & Just like P!nk 
    3/21/20- Alaniz & US-2 ( U2 Tribute) 
    Fitzgeralds, San Antonio 
    4/3/2019- Alaniz & Elyin- Jason McMaster's Elton John Tribute 
    Austin, Texas Parmer Lane Tavern 
    4/9/2019- Sams Burger Joint - San Antonio
    4/18/2019- Grungefest @ Dirty Dog - Tribute Night
    Austin, Texas - Alaniz & Unglued & Flannelbox 
    4/28/20- Austin Public Access TV- Austin We See You 
    7:30 pm Austin Spectrum Channel 16 or
    YouTube under -Kaiju Labs Media 
    Alaniz Acoustic Music / Interview 
    5/23/20- Rock Night- Alaniz/ Foo Shot ( Foo Fighters tribute) & 
    Room Full of Doors- Local Austin Show 
    5/29- Alaniz & Matchbook 20 @ Grandscape 
    The Colony, Tx ( North Dallas Area) 
    5/30/20- Taste Addison Festival 
    Addison, Texas 
    6/11/20- Jagged Little Pill Preconcert Event 
    Alaniz & US-2 (U2 tribute)
    Austin, Texas  Shooters 620 
    (Alanis comes to concert June 12  @ 360 Amphlitheatre)
    6/13/20- Alaniz & Texas Bluesman 
    Aquaduck, San Antonio, Texas 
    9/11/20- Maggie Mays - Alaniz Acoustic Trio 
    Downtown Austin, Texas  5:30 pm early show 
    11/13/20- Maggie Mays - Alaniz Acoustic Trio 
    Downtown Austin, Texas 5:30 pm early show 

    Alaniz - Alanis Morissette Tribute Band is the State of Texas premier Alanis tribute.   The band was started by, and is lead by,  Lead Vocalist Melissa Madnezz who has a look and sound very similar to Alanis Morissette.  The band has been active since November of 2018 and has played at a wide variety of venues to include restaurants, hotels, small clubs, to large rock concert venues such as the HOUSE OF BLUES, and the AZTEC Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.  We have also played at various Grungefest events.  In addition to our Alanis songs, we also play other covers such as Blondie, Garbage, Meredith Brooks, Cranberries, Melissa Ethridge, and other fun rock covers.   See you on the road! 

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